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Scott Jobin fell in love with the sound of high performance engines and speed at the young age of 14 when he restored his first car, a '69 Mustang Fastback; which he still has to this day.  After college, he escalated his need for speed by purchasing a 38' Top Gun Cigarette Racing Boat and spent the next decade or more traveling to offshore events and pushing the limits to speed on the water.  He prides himself as a collector of fast toys, and loves to plan adventures with his family and friends to share the excitement.  He and his son, Caiden Boggs, enjoy racing RZR's, flying airplanes (yes, he is also a pilot), jumping waves in go-fast boats, yachting, drag racing their Demon, or anything else they can find to get excited about.  With more than 30 years of experience building & restoring cars, boats, planes and off-road vehicles, the adventures keep coming.  

Rick Raab, well known for his incredible journey as American Guardian in the Monster Jam Series, is a fierce competitor and amazing friend to everyone he knows.  He started racing professionally in 2003 for the United States Hot Rod Association and Clear Channel Motor Sports, and was named Rookie of the Year for his consistent wins of freestyle and racing in the Monster Jam Series.  He also claimed the title of Canadian World Champion 2 years in a row for Edge Motor Sports.  As owner of RAAB Custom Off Road Fabricating, his unparalleled ability to build the biggest, strongest, fastest and most dynamic trucks and off-road vehicles is a true asset to our Ego Motorsports Family.  Rick and Scott share the need for always bringing the BEST TOYS to any event, off-road or offshore, and therefore have a friendship/partnership that is hard to beat!  His toy collection is impressive, but his love for the journey is infectious and inspiring.


Ego Motorsports is not just a competitive racing team, it is a lifestyle that keeps you reaching for the stars through new experiences, extreme sports and unbreakable friendships.   In order to "Live your Best Life", you have to start with the "BEST FRIENDS AND OF COURSE, BEST TOYS!!"  

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